sales philosophy

my goal is to find homes for my pictures in their physical form. Places they can be appreciated by people who want to live with them. The generation of income is of course welcome though not , in truth, the overriding factor. Anytime another person is willing to spend money on one of my pictures is a moment I will always be grateful for. Knowing a picture I have made is enjoyed on a daily basis by another is the true treasure and reward.


Payment can be made using Paypal or a bank transfer.

Just contact me and let me know the picture you would like to buy. If you prefer a non-standard size (anything other than 30 x 40 cm (12 x 16 inches) – I will quote a price for the size you prefer.

I will confirm receipt of payment and organize the print and its shipment within 5 working days (maximum) of this . Orders should reach you within 2 weeks of my shipping the print – however if you do not receive the print after 28 days, I will assist you in tracking it. I send prints as registered packages to ensure the tracking number is available.

In the hopefully unlikely event of your not being fully satisfied with your print – I will refund the cost (minus postage and packing) after you return the print and I receive it in the same condition it was shipped in.


all pictures displayed are for sale as (artist signed) pigment prints at various sizes and on a
selection of fine art papers (favoured paper suppliers – Hahnemühle & Canson).

my pictures are made by me using a variety of digital tools and a range of techniques –
sourcing my own photography and drawing, to make images I feel good about.

The next stage is giving the pixels a physical life – this involves having them printed as pigment prints. Using a Fine Art printer service to ensure the highest quality of production and getting the print to be what I want to express. This takes place together with the support and consolation of a team of Master printers.

If you like what you see on the screen – as a pigment print on fine art paper the viewing experience and pleasure factor is amplified tenfold.

The print sizes can vary – depending on the buyer’s wishes and the possibilities available based on the picture itself.

The standard size is 30 x 40 cm (12 x 16 inches) / 40 x 30 cm (16 x 12 inches) – and cost:

130 EURO / 170 USD / 95 GBP (including postage & packing)

The maximum size is around 200 cm x 150 cm (79 x 60 inches) – depending on the picture.

You can buy prints unmounted & unframed.

I can also offer rates with mounting & framing too. Or simply offer advice and ideas regarding that.

All pigment prints ordered are checked by me personally, hand-signed, numbered and dispatched by me. I insist on this – to maintain a personal dimension in spite of the mass -medium context I work within.

An additional print option is available – my pictures lend themselves very well to fabric / silk.
Please enquire if this is something you would like further information about.

I also accept commissions for illustrations (book covers, CD covers & posters).

Dean Pasch

makes pictures, films & poetry

Born in Leicester, England in 1963

Studied Fine Art & Film in London between 1983 and 1987

Moved to Germany in 1990

Lives and works in  Germany since 1999

I believe in decay. I embrace the lost & discarded & the patina
time secretes. This is what I am and do as artist.